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Audience Photos

Here are pictures of audience attending my lectures…                                                                  

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BIRMINGTON– The Final Frontier

Birmingham put me back on track.  John and Pam were great hosts.   The train ride was spent talking for 2 hours with a 21 year old guy who was flying back to the USA after living in England for 3 years.  He was on a mission.  From Utah, he came here to spread the [...]

28 April

I’m going home tomorrow! It’s amazing how different this time in Cardiff would have been if they had extended some hospitality.  It’s a lesson in customer service– the show and lecture went well, I made money and this was totally overshadowed by their bad service.  AND here I sit with no ride to the station, [...]

Cardiff Lecture

Okay– the lecture was good.  They liked it and they bought.  When it ended though, and they were thanking me, I asked if anyone was driving me back to the hotel.  This became a minor discussion because it hadn’t been arranged.  Jasper, who drove me to the lecture, reluctantly agreed to drive me after telling [...]

Cardiff – Wales

I don’t know where to begin. This was a big event for the magicians here. The first night was their annual Gala. Three acts were on the bill — Me, a juggling act and Ian Keable. Andy picked me up and drove me to the hotel. Everyone was staying at the Novotel. Everyone except me. [...]

The Isle of Man

After my final visit to Northampton, I headed out for an early flight to the Isle of Man.  Nothing could have prepared me for this.  It’s albout 36 miles long and 16 miles wide.  Like the cheese, the Isle of Man stands alone.  It is majestic! Paul picked me up at the airport and we [...]

22 April BOLTON Rocks

BOLTON. I loved it! And the feeling was mutual. First, my hotel is a short walk from the station. Across the street is the Reebok Stadium, home of the Bolton Warriers football team. The lecture was in a famous pub, the Doffcocker Inn. I’m not sure why it’s famous, but the name alone is enough [...]